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The Spa and Resort town Vichy
is located in the center of France
in the departement Allier (03)
and the region Auvergne Rhone Alpes.
The town is part of the historic Bourbonnais region.

Build on along the river Allier
the town is known since antiquity for it's water sources.
Along with 10 other Spa cities in Europe
Vichy if part of the Unesco World heritage

Vichy Spring Waters, or Eaux de Vichy,
are thermal waters accessible in Vichy
and the surrounding area.

The source of Vichy thermal water arises from the volcanic region of Auvergne.
At a depth of around 4000 meters there is a special volcanic water
enriched with 15 pure minerals.

This high concentration of 15 minerals makes Vichy thermal water.

Vichy just like the city of Evian
has given it's name
to famous products based on it's water sources.

The Vichy pastille is a white octagonal candy
known for its digestive properties.
The candies takes its name from the French town of Vichy
where it is made from the waters of the spa.
The famous Vichy Pastilles
were invented in 1825

Among others the Pastilles are
made by the Confiseroie Moinet

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Vichy Cosmetics are skincare products
based on Vichy Mineral Waters.
The cosmetics takes it's name from the Town of Vichy
where it was founded in 1931 by Guerges Guerin
and the Spa Doctor Prosper Halier.

Vichy Cosmetics now part of l'Oréal
continues to be based in Vichy
23 rue du President Wilson
03200 Vichy

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of Vichy Cosmetics,

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Vichy is also known for
Source des Celestins, Source du Dome
Source de l'Hopital, Source Lardy
Source Vichy

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